Unicorn Baby Beyond Fibre Wash™

Unicorn Baby

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Works in HE washing machines.

Fragrance Free for Babies and People with Sensitive Skin
No Residue Buildup
No Harsh Ingredients
Removes Lanolin
Great with Hard or Soft Water

Beyond Fibre Wash Laundry Concentrate

Strong enough for rough and tumble knitwear,
yet so very gentle on the most delicate
hand-knit creations.

Cleans and Refreshes Fabrics and Knitwear

Removes Odors and Soils
Rinses Easily
No Fillers


Add 1 Tbsp Beyond Fibre Wash to 1 Gallon Warm water. Submerge and soak 10 -15 minutes. Rinse in cool water. DO NOT rub or agitate wool.

Warm or Hot water, depending on item.
Use 1/2 cap (1 oz) for normal loads.
Use less for lighter soil levels or smaller loads.
20 fl oz bottle contains 30+ washes

Tip: Use Beyond Clean for tough soils and heavier cleaning jobs.
Always follow Manufacturer's Care Label directions.
Test for colorfastness before washing.
Ingredients: Anionic and Nonionic cleaning agents.
Contains no bleach additives, phosphates, enzymes, whiteners, petroleum, stripping agents or dyes.

Made in USA

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