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The Practical Spinner's Guide: Rare & Luxury Fibers

Interweave Press

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by: Judith McKenzie

If you've been spinning for any length of time you know master spinner Judith MacKenzie and what an amazing instructor she is to the spinning community. In her new  book, The Practical Spinner's Guide: Rare Luxury Fibers, Judith shares insights into working with uncommon (but readily available) luxury downs in a comprehensive, yet practical, guide for today's spinners.

With her natural voice for story telling that is both engaging and informative, she discusses the history of each of a variety of wild downs - camel, musk ox, bison and yak – and not-so-wild, designer downs – cashmere, angora, vicuna, and pygora. She explains how they are used today, characteristics unique to each, and where to find them. She also dives deep into the specific spinning techniques for all of these fibers, knitting and weaving rare fibers, and dying them once spun. From angora to bison, camel to cashmere, there's a whole world of rare luxury fibers just waiting to be spun!   

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