Schachenmayr Cotton Bamboo Batik


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Schachenmayr Cotton Bamboo Batik is the Batik version of Cotton Bamboo. This yarn is a soft blend of cotton and bamboo (viscose/rayon) with a silky sheen. Flowing colors that blend into one another and color accents with a fashionable batik effect. The color changes are revealed throughout the entire ball, giving each knit its own individual character. Perfect for summer knits such as pullovers, tops and accessories.

Cotton: 50%, Viscose: 50%
Yarn Ball Weight: 50 g
Yarn Meterage/Yardage: 120 / 131
Tension/Gauge #/stitches: 22
Tension/Gauge #/rows: 30

Recommended Knitting Needles
Knitting Needle (UK): 11-8
Knitting Needle (US): 5-7
Knitting Needle, MM: 3-4

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