Sliver Collection 8 oz

Sliver Collection 8 oz

Happy Ewe

  • $ 1550

This is a great collection of 4 sheep breeds in carded sliver, perfect for woolen spinning. The collection includes 2 oz each of the following breeds:


CheviotThe micron count is between 27-33.  It is an excellent wool for beginner spinners. The wool practically spins itself. The yarn produced from Cheviot wool is a pleasure to knit, crochet and weave with.

NZ Corriedale - More cream than white, this Corriedale is a pleasure to spin.  Great for beginners.

Perendale - Beautiful creamy white, this sliver is amazing to spin for types of spinners.

Romney Sliver - This sample is a bright white, mixed staple lengths as it's a carded sliver, it's on the softer side of Romneys, great for outerwear or household textiles.

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