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Majacraft Tape Measure


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The Majacraft Tape Measures are elegantly hand-turned and are hand crafted by Jim Reilly. The are made from a variety of beautiful woods, generally New Zealand native timbers, but also from other desirable species. Each Majacraft Tape Measure has a piece of New Zealand shell or other beautiful material inlaid on the top.

They ensure that your tape measure never gets lost or tangled in your work bag. The tape pulls out from its holder and can be rewound by turning the top.

Each tape is unique in character and design and the tapes are graduated in both metric and imperial scales. If the tape ever needs to be replaced, the cover over the screw on the underside of the tape can be flicked out and the Majacraft Tape Measure disassembled.

Each one is individually made and looks slightly different!

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