Majacraft Lazy Kates


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The Standard tensioned lazy kate has a slightly smaller size than the universal Lazy Kate and is easier to carry about. If you only wish to ply from our standard and lace size bobbins then this is the ideal choice for you.

The Majacraft Universal tensioned lazy kate is lightly larger than the original Standard tensioned lazy kate and can fit any of our bobbin range (excluding the overdrive bobbins). The primary purpose is to allow the plying of yarns on jumbo bobbins which can be useful for art yarns. Of course it still accommodates the lace and standard sized bobbins as well.

The Overdrive tensioned lazy kate is the same size as the Unviersal lazy kate. However, it holds two of the huge Overdrive bobbins. Another unique feature of the Overdrive lazy kate is the use of sliding flyer hooks as yarn guides, this lets you position the guides in the optimum position for easy drawing of the yarn from the lazy kate.

The Majacraft Travelling lazy kate is great if you want to spin on the move. It holds two bobbins up to the Jumbo size. The bobbin bars will slide out so the lazy kate will pack down very small. It is included free with a Little Gem or is available individually.

Bobbins are not included with the lazy kates.

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