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Louet Double Row Mini Combs


  • $ 16300

These handy tools are a unique device which can be used for de-hairing and fine fiber combing. After combing, the fiber can be pulled into a sliver or spun straight from the comb. These combs are made of ash with a lacquer finish. In order to ensure a long life, the teeth on all Lou?t carders are made of high grade plated steel wire. As a safety precaution, all Louet combs are machined so they are not razor sharp. Our mini combs are easy on your wrists as they are light weight at 2.4 oz or 70 gr ea. Specs: Tines are enclosed in wood to prevent end tines from breaking (modification in May 2015) Tines are 4 mm apart and 5.5 cm long. Tines are set in a plastic fiting that is about 3.5 mm deep. Tine is centered in this plastic fitting and there is 1/2 mm on either side of the tine.  Each comb is 6.5 cm (2 1/2") wide.

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