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Frabjous Fibers Three Feet of Sheep, Six Sheep Sampler 8 oz

Frabjous Fibers

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Attractively packaged in three foot bags, these collections of assorted fibers are nearly impossible to resist. Ideal for wet felting, spinning stripy yarns, blending, thrumming, and a wide range of other wool crafts.

The sampler collection features wool from six different sheep breeds each represented in a different color. Each fiber type has its own personality, but the types are sufficiently similar to be used together in a sampler project; breeds included are Merino, BFL, Corriedale, Finn, Falkland, and Polwarth. The colors are rich and saturated shades.

Material: Hand dyed wool from six breeds, in six different colors

Size: 8 oz. of wool in a three foot sleeve

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