Cellulose Fibers "Try Me" Pack - Happy Ewe

Cellulose Fibers "Try Me" Pack

Happy Ewe

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Try out 4 different fun and popular cellulose fibers all at once!  In this great pack, you will receive 1 ounce each of the following:

  1. Flax Tow Top - Tow Top is made from the shorter bits of flax left over after the hackeling process.  The tow in this package is unbleached making it perfect for over-dying.
  2. Milk Protein Top - yes!  Milk!  Made in a similar process to Soy, however it is much softer.  Perfect to spin alone or blend.  Takes dyes like a dream.
  3. Ramie Top - sometimes called "China Grass".  Looks similar to hemp, but is softer and lighter.  This sample is a lustrous white and spins beautifully.
  4. Soy Top - made from soybeans, this top is sometimes called the poor-mans' silk!  This sample has a lovely natural ecru color that takes dye amazingly.

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