About Us

Happy Ewe Yarn Shop opened September 1st of 2011.  The physical location of HE closed it's doors as of September 15, 2018.  We had a great 7 years of business thanks to the amazing community, but it's time for Misty to move on to different adventures.  The on-line shopping continues, though!!


Misty enjoyed playing with yarn as a child, but it wasn’t until college when she began her fiber fascination.  It was slow at first; a little acrylic here, some cotton there, maybe some wool.  After college she knew there had to be more to crochet than granny squares & blankets, so she began designing her own patterns & hitting used book stores for old pattern books.  Thus, the pattern collection began. 

She then moved to Texas and was introduced to a “Yarn Store”.  She didn’t know such a thing existed!  The fiber fascination turned into an obsession.  There was no turning back.  By this time, Misty was crocheting everything she possibly could; her book & fiber stash was increasing exponentially.  In 2009 she decided it was finally time to learn how to knit.  Then in 2010 it was time to learn how to spin. 

The beginning of 2011 she decided she still couldn’t get enough fiber in her life & she needed to be surrounded by it every day.  Happy Ewe was born.   She was lucky enough to find Kerri who was a great mentor & inspiration during the process of creating Happy Ewe & in everyday life.

Misty is also currently working on her Masters in Spinning through Old's College in Canada.  She hopes the have it finished in 2020.  She has recently moved back home to Kansas to be near family and continues her studies and teaching around the US.