Frabjous Fibers Hand Dyed Top: Organic Polwarth & Tussah Silk 4 oz

Frabjous Fibers

  • $ 2850

Frabjous Fibers specialty blends are hand dyed with professional textile dyes to create brilliant, long-lasting colors. We handle the top with care to ensure it is lofty and easily drafted. It's easier and more enjoyable to work with quality fiber; consequently, it yields a better result! Choose from four extraordinary and luxurious fiber blends.

We have dozens of colorways, from subtle to dazzling, and we add fresh inspirations regularly. 

Frabjous Fibers hand dyed top is kettle-dyed to order in small batches from one of our many original colorways. Due to the nature of hand dyeing, colors may differ slightly from braid to braid. If working from multiple braids, mix them together as you spin for the most blended look.

*new* Organic Polwarth/Silk: 80% organic polwarth, 20% cultivated silk

Size: 4 oz. braid

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