We hope that all of ewe have a

HAPPY & SAFE 4th of JULY!!

In observance of holiday, we will be 


Saturday, July 1 & Tuesday, July 4



Get your passport ready!!

We're off to SCOTLAND!

Join Misty and Happy Ewe for an all knitting/fiber experience in Scotland!!

We will leave Sunday, May 06, 2018 for Edinburgh to begin our 12 day adventure.

Here is an example of what we would do while there!!

The real itinerary will be out as soon as everything is set in stone in Scotland!!

Day 1 & 2: Leave the US for our overnight flight, hotel check in, & hang out.

Day 3: Knitting workshop.

Day 4: Visit a yarn shop, knitting workshop, tour around the city

Day 5: History of the Scottish Kilt, Ferry to the Shetland Islands

Day 6: Jamieson's of Shetland Tour, Shetland Textile Museum, yarn shop ;)

Day 7: Jamieson & Smith Woolen Mills, textile history on the Shetland Islands

Day 8: Burra Bears Studio, knitting workshop

Day 9: Island Tour

Day 10: Inverness history & Loch Ness

Day 11: Head back to Edinburgh via a Whiskey distillery & a sheep farm

Day 12: Head back home!

Possible itinerary, additional information, and pricing, are HERE.

Register HERE.

Space is extremely limited for this amazing trip!!  

Feel free to call MISTY at 512-284-7408 if you have any questions.


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