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Misty is teaching some great spinning classes this year at Kid n Ewe!  

Friday, Nov 9

Hand Carder Play Day:

This is the hands-on class for all fiber artists wanting to learn about the joys of hand carders.  During our play day we will discuss and use multiple sizes of carders.  You will learn how to card scoured wool into different type of rolags, blend fibers, blend colors and much more!
Prerequisite: No previous carding experience required; must be comfortable spinning a continuous the thread/yarn if you wish to spin your prepared sample.

Saturday, Nov 10

Twist, Balance, & Bubbles:

Twist and Balance do not have to be our Arche nemesis’!  In this fun, hands on class, we will discuss how twist in in our singles affects the overall balance of our completed yarns and how to use that twist to our advantage.  We will also discuss plying techniques that work for everyday yarns as well as designer yarns.  During discussion, we will make a beautifully balanced bubble crepe yarn.
Skills Required:  Must be able to spin a continuous yarn.

Hands on with Combs:

Safety first, so not too hands-on!  During our day, we will focus on Viking-style combs and all the fun we can have with them.  We will discuss the multiple sizes, why we would need different sizes, and how to safely use all combs.  You will learn how to comb scoured wool, diz, blend fibers, blend colors, use a comb as a mini hackle, and so much more!
Prerequisite:  No previous combing experience required; must be comfortable spinning a continuous thread/yarn if you wish to spin your prepared sample.

Sunday, Nov 11

Colorful Spinning:

We all love the beautiful braids and fibers that hand-dyers create for us, but what can we do with them?  In this 3 hour class, we will discuss multiple ways to spin and ply those gorgeous braids we can't put down.  We play with color combinations, fiber combinations, and much, much more!! 


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